Where to go stargazing in Colorado, from parks to small towns
Denverpost.com - Wed 11 Sep 01:18 GMT

Looking for where to go stargazing in Colorado? We've got a list of some of the best dark sky locations across the state.

  (There’s a list, by the way, for amateur astronomers to check off nebulas and other features of the night sky the same way a birder might check off a Forty-spotted Pardalote.)

  A dark sky black enough to show off the Milky Way is an endangered species in Colorado, thanks to all those bright lights, especially in urban centers.

  Even so, there are many places in Colorado you can go that will offer up a good show, and a few dark places left in the state where you can see the Milky Way.

  There are many lookout spots, and the park even works with Estes Park and Grand Lake to dim their lights and keep the night sky dark in the park, Langguth said.

  “But even then, that makes our night sky even more valuable and a springboard to talk about the value of darkness on so many levels, to our animals and plant life but also as our place in the universe.”

  He’s since worked to get the town certified by the International Dark Sky Association, an organization that works to preserve the darkest corners of the world and raise awareness about light pollution.

  The good news, Virden said, is that the interest to keep our skies dark way is growing.