What Would a 21st Century Moon Base Look Like?
Popularmechanics.com - Sun 21 Jul 15:32 GMT

Humanity has never seen the settlement of another world. Here's what it might look like.

  NASA's Artemis program, along with the Lunar Gateway, is singularly focused on humanity's return to the moon.

  1: The Next Lunar Rover Will Be SUV-ComfyThe rides of the future won’t require passengers to be in those pressurized spacesuits the Apollo astronauts wore.

  3 We’ll Pack Portable Power PlantsNASA is developing trashcan-sized nuclear reactors to provide steady power for a lunar colony.

  5: Lunar Landers Will Be Light, Fast, and ReusableFrom major aerospace behemoths to scrappy start-ups, companies are scrambling to develop the next lunar landers.

  Just this past May, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, founder of the private space-flight company Blue Origin, revealed Blue Moon, a lunar lander to be deployed as early as 2024.

  Because lunar landers like these won’t re-enter Earth’s punishing atmosphere, they will be reusable, transporting crew and cargo to and from the moon many times.

  6: We’ll Mine Ice for FuelThe moon has two things going for it as a way-station to Mars: It has one-sixth the gravity of Earth, so it won’t take as much power to break through moon’s grip, and it has ice, which we can make into hydrogen-oxygen rocket propellant.