Upcoming Friday The 13th Lunar Event Makes 'Once In A Blue Moon' An Understatement
Mashable - Tue 10 Sep 19:09 GMT

On this Friday the 13th a very spooky Harvest Moon will shine the night sky

  We all have seen mumma’s boy Jason Voorhees go on a killing spree on the night of Friday The 13th with a Full Moon lighting up the iconic hockey mask.

  Although, it might be a common occurrence in the Friday the 13th universe, in this universe, it is a very rare lunar event.

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  A harvest moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox that signifies the start of the fall which is on the 23rd September.

  SEE ALSO: 'Crawl' Movie Review: Come For The Scares And Gore, Stay For An Endearing Father-Daughter Tale This full moon is spookily rare as it will happen on Friday the 13th, which is considered to be an unlucky day.

  The last time a full moon occurred on Friday, the 13th was 19 years ago, on 13th October, 2000.

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