See the Perseids meteor shower peak tonight (August 12)! - Tue 13 Aug 04:46 GMT

See the Perseids meteor shower peak tonight (August 12)!

  The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight, August 12!

  While observing this month, not all of the meteors you’ll see belong to the Perseid meteor shower.

  Some are sporadic background meteors.

  If you see a meteor try to trace it backwards.

  If finding constellations isn’t your forte, then note that Perseids are some of the fastest meteors you’ll see!

  Pro tip: Remember to let your eyes become adjusted to the dark (it takes about 30 minutes) – you’ll see more meteors that way.

  Try to stay off of your phone too, as looking at devices with bright screens will negatively affect your night vision and hence reduce the number of meteors you see!