NASA's LEMUR robot escaped Death Valley in its last field test
Engadget - Thu 11 Jul 15:28 GMT

Future robots using LEMUR-developed technology could explore the moon and other icy worlds.

  VIDEO JPL sent the last version of LEMUR up a cliff earlier this year.

  Although the LEMUR project itself is over, it has inspired and given rise to other climbing robot initiatives already in the works.

  JPL's Ice Worm was adapted from a single limb of the LEMUR robot and is meant to climb ice walls in frozen worlds, like Saturn's moon Enceladus.

  RoboSimian, originally built for DARPA's Robotics Challenge as a disaster-relief robot, has four limbs like LEMUR.

  The Underwater Gripper is pretty much one of LEMUR's limbs with the same fishhook-powered grippy fingers built for underwater exploration.

  Even the Mars 2020 mission's helicopter will have a perching mechanism adapter from LEMUR's grippy feet so it can cling to cliffsides.

  It only means that even though the LEMUR robot itself won't be making its way to outer space, technologies derived from the project will help us explore worlds outside our own.