Monstrous Asteroid Will Get Really 'Close' To Earth Today!
Mashable - Thu 27 Jun 07:52 GMT

Earth is getting a celestial guest!

Monstrous Asteroid Will Get Really 'Close' To Earth Today!

  NASA scientists named it as 2008 KV2 and calculated estimates of its travels between 1900 to 2199 to understand how often it has come close to the Earth’s orbit.

  Cosmic travelers are in for a treat as the same asteroid is expected to fly by our planet at a distance of approximately 6.7 million kilometres on Thursday, June 27.

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  So, this asteroid will be almost 17 times the distance apart from Earth.

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  Hence it can go about its way within 50 million kilometres of Earth’s orbit, which is a close brush.

  NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California, United States, reckons that the ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid will pass by Earth again once in 2021 and twice in 2022 after Thursday’s round.