'Malnourished' black hole breaks all the rules
Mnn.com - Mon 15 Jul 23:14 GMT

And we'll need Albert Einstein's help to understand why.

  And now, scientists have detected another supermassive black hole that's even more "fathomless."

  An artist's rendering of the black hole in galaxy NGC 3147.

  (Photo: NASA, ESA, and A. Feild and L. Hustak) As NASA explains in a press release, that kind of disk typically accompanies an engorged black hole — one that's getting plenty of nourishment from its surroundings.

  His theories of relativity, when tested on this black hole's unlikely gas disk, could give astronomers an unprecedented glimpse into the previously "fathomless" processes that occur close to a black hole.

  "This is an intriguing peek at a disk very close to a black hole, so close that the velocities and the intensity of the gravitational pull are affecting how the photons of light look," noted study co-author Stefano Bianchi of Italy's Roma Tre University in the release.

  It seems this black hole may defy most current astronomical theories.

  For now, here's a top-down view of that very strange black hole breaks all the rules Astronomers can't explain why a faded black hole has such a dense, flat disk.