Exomars: Parachute test failure threat to launch date
Bbc.com - Tue 13 Aug 14:36 GMT

A European-Russian effort to land on Mars has been hit by another parachute failure, during a drop test in Sweden.

  It's the second test mishap involving the parachutes, so with launch under a year away, the Exomars project cannot afford another failure.

  The European Space Agency's (Esa) Rosalind Franklin rover will collect samples of soil with a drill and analyse them for the presence of organic material.

  Rosalind Franklin Mars rover nears completion Crashed lander was ill-prepared for Mars The rover and the Russian Kazachok lander will be encapsulated in a carrier module during their six-minute journey down to the surface.

  The balloon drop test was designed to test the deployment of the two main parachutes and the pilot chutes designed to extract them from bags on the descent module.