Dark side of the moon 'hides a secret lunar base built by earth's super power'
Mirror - Sun 21 Jul 08:18 GMT

Neil Armstrong took man's first steps on the moon 50 years ago today - but has humanity left an even bigger mark?

  The second Neil Armstrong took his first step on the surface of the moon and uttered the immortal worlds "that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" the moment was cemented in the minds of billions of people.

  Since then, a further seven missions were sent to the moon and just 12 walked on its surface while another six drove Lunar Roving Vehicles on its plains.

  Some claim the Nazi's managed to colonise and set up a base on the moon, while others insist the US is the one who has a huge complex on the far side.

  He said: "Ever since their first day of landing on the moon, the Germans started boring and tunnelling under the surface and by the end of the war there was a Nazi research base on the moon."

  However, a base on the moon might not be as far fetched as some people think.

  The communist country is plannig another four lunar missions based on the success of the first and could soon build a research base on earth's nearest neighbour.

  Wu Yanha, deputy chief commander of China's Lunar Exploration Programme said: "China, the United States, Russia and Europe are all discussing whether to build a research base or a research station on the moon."