Crew capsule designed to take US astronauts back to moon completed
Independent - Sun 21 Jul 10:37 GMT

‘Similar to the 1960s, we too have an opportunity to take a giant leap forward for all of humanity’

  Subscribe now NASA said in a statement that Artemis 1 would launch its Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System (SLS) rocket around the moon in an initial test phase, after which a crew containing at least one female astronaut would touch down on the surface to establish a lunar base.

  Nasa/EPA 4/19 The crew (from left): Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin.

  Nasa/EPA 7/19 The interior of the landing module with its pilot, Buzz Aldrin, during the mission.

  Nasa/EPA 9/19 Flight controllers at the Space Centre in Houston as the landing module descends to the surface of the moon.

  Nasa/EPA 11/19 Buzz Aldrin's boot and footprint in lunar soil.

  Nasa/EPA 12/19 Buzz Aldrin standing by the US flag planted on the surface of the moon.

  Nasa/EPA 17/19 Neil Armstrong works near the lunar landing module.